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Shitty electronics are more ubiquitous. There was only one bpa-free blender in rather large shop, other products looked, smelled and felt like toxic.

The bananas lately have a blue hue and taste a little strange, less like banana and more like stiff rot.

Apples are a disgrace. I avoid imported polish, Dutch apples. After completing marathon you get a sack with some fruits. The Apple I got still had a layer of wax and was rotten inside.

I avoid plastic bags but the ones in Spain and Italy feel and sound different.

Clothing seams here are fraying on the shelf and everything costs 20-50% more than in Germany or Italy or UK.

All home chemistry is more expensive in Romania and Baltics, so I used knockoffs until lately. The fresh smell helps a bit.

Glad we still have local produce, but it is becoming harder to compete since Polish stuff is cheaper for average income consumer and there are hardly any alternatives to most imported stuff

One time I stress-ate an entire Little Caesar's Hot-n-Ready pizza during a football game. The only reason I didn't have more was because I had only bought one. Fortunately my body didn't balloon outward but I felt disgusted with myself for the next week.

So yeah. Pizza.

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